About Me


  • I am a wreck redeemed!
  • I am the happy wife of a beautiful man who has been and continues to be a big part of my restoration process.
  • I am the blessed mother to 6 incredible, strong, stubborn and fiercely loving individuals.
    I am the gushing Grammy of 4 spunky and squish-able grand babies!
    I am the 3rd of 4 children...but the oldest girl. I feel like the middle child but I had to share that title.
    I love to laugh but frequently cry.
    I love to be touched, but only by a few.
    I love nature but often hide in my house.
    I love to sing…but don’t have a platform right now.
    I love to create...but often fear the outcome.
    I long to be a writer...but tend to hold a lot of it back.
  • I'm generally a GIANT mess...but I am also a child of the GREAT I AM...and so I continue to wait on Him as He Restores me by making new pathways for me and leading me to streams to sustain me and reminding me that He is not finished with me yet.
    My goal is to come along side you as a fellow wounded soldier, inspire you with hope and beauty and to encourage you to seek out what your Legacy is meant to be. And then together we can grow in beauty and truth, leaving a beautiful Legacy in our wake!
    I will try to post as often as possible but as most moms know we don't always get to control our schedules! 
    Please take a moment to wander around my shop too and see the products and stories that are coming out of my Restored Legacy! 
    You will also find some 'new creations' and special finds for all the seasons of your life.
    So Glad you stopped by!
    Stay Sweet!